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 Blues Guitar Launchpad shows you everything you need to start playing smoking blues guitar, taught in a way that will make total sense and get you awesome results fast!

  • Discover the essential tools you need to start jamming out great blues (sooner than you probably thought possible...)
  • Learn the blues licks, solos and practice techniques you need to know to get you on track to building a massive 'lick library' and sound like an authentic blues soloist
  • How to get 100% comfortable playing in any key over almost any blues song (I'll make it easy...)
  • Solo studies in the style of legends like Freddie King, Eric Clapton, Stevie Ray Vaughan, setting your amp for a great blues tone, rhythm guitar essentials and lots more!

'Hi James. I'm working my way through the blues lessons plans, the rock lesson plans and checking out the theory lessons.  

I've bought other lessons online but none have had the structure and flow of your lessons. The materials are great and I'm making progress much more quickly now.  

And, I both understand and can execute stuff. Really great'  

Gary C, TGL member, USA  

Power up your rock playing with Rock Guitar Bootcamp : a crash course in rock and metal guitar essentials.

  • The scales and soloing 'strategies' you need for melodic, dramatic rock solos (as used by players like Slash, Rhoads, Van Halen and others!)
  • Crucial rhythm guitar techniques like 'drop D' tuning, 'tritone' chords and gallop rhythms
  •  Practice techniques and exercises (which really work) for boosting your playing speed and fluency
  • Discover technique secrets for great picking, legato, vibrato, tapping and other modern rock techniques  

Learn the exact same tools and techniques used by the worlds hottest blues players like BB King, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Eric Clapton, Peter Green and others... so you can start ripping out blues solos that turn heads and sound awesome!

  • The most essential bends, repeating licks, sliding licks, double stops and more for explosive blues solos and licks 
  • Tips and 'secrets' for nailing blue techniques like 'wide' vibrato, blues 'curls', and monster bends (think Albert King/SRV) for more expressive and impressive solos!
  • 'Substitute' scales like the BB Box and minor 6 pentatonic for those extra 'sweet' notes (most other players never find out about!)
  • Plus minor blues playing ('BB style'), open-string scales and licks, using 'lick chunks' (for a huge soloing vocabulary) and a helluva lot more to super-charge your blues playing...

'I am enjoying TGL so much. I have learned so much In just the few months I've been a member. I have tried out some other teachers and you have been the absolute best for me, I've made more progress in a very short time with your lessons than with any others.  

I also really appreciate that you check in with your members periodically, it makes it much more personal which in guitar lessons is a great thing!'  

Joanne, TGL member, USA  

'Hi James! I can't think of much more you could offer, it's been pretty awesome so far. The lessons have pushed me, and I've reached a higher level than I thought I would have been able to in just a few months'  

Casey, TGL member, USA  

Playing smoking hot rock guitar is now something any guitar player can do with the tools, techniques and strategies revealed step-by-step inside Rock Guitar Lick Lab...

  • Develop your 'tool-kit' of essential rock guitar 'building blocks' then discover how to put them together for playing high impact rock solos!
  • Blues-rock 'power licks', rapid-fire repeating licks, alternate picked licks, sliding scale legato runs, stretch licks and more taken from the styles of rock legends like Slash, Vai, Rhoads, Hammett, Young, Schenker and others...
  • Powerful practice techniques and drills to get you using everything in your solos without it taking years (something most other courses never talk about!)
  • Technique breakdowns for nailing pinch harmonics, alternate picking, bending and vibrato, legato etc for razor-rsharp chops (and greater freedom when you solo!)

Want blues rhythm guitar chops that stand out from the crowd? Then dive into the coolest rhythm guitar approaches, techniques and tips you need to become the tastiest blues rhythm player on the block!

  •  Learn the coolest techniques and tricks you need to know for a pro-level blues rhythm guitar style
  • Discover the power of simple 'chord fragments' and how to use them to create dozens of super-slick rhythm guitar ideas (when most players are still playing the same old barre chords and shuffles!)
  • How to easily use substitute chords like '9th' and '13th' chords (this alone can transform how you play the 12 bar blues)
  • Plus intro and ending licks, the 'Stormy Monday' riff, funky blues styles , 'bass style' riffs and lots more to change your blues rhythm guitar forever...

Sick of feeling stuck in that same old 'shape 1' pentatonic pattern? Let Minor Pentatonic Mastery show you how to easily learn to solo anywhere on the guitar neck using all the minor pentatonic scale positions!

  •  Step-by-step method you can easily follow to master the pentatonic all over the fretboard in a matter of months (not years like it takes most players...)
  • Discover the most powerful bends, double-stops,slides and scale fragments to use in each pattern to get it sounding awesome without years of frustrating trial and error (like me!)
  • Sample rock and blues licks for every pattern teach you how to use it for melodic, ear-catching solos (instead of just playing up and down scale shapes!)
  • Revealed: the 'Rule of 2' showing you how easy it actually is to connect all the shapes together to cover the whole finger-board (forget about other confusing methods and the CAGED system...)
  • Plus 3 octave sliding patterns, exercises for nailing every part of every pattern, creating sliding blues scales and tons more unmissable stuff for rock and blues soloists...

Don't be one of those players who can only play in minor keys (such a common mistake...). Learn the essentials of using the major pentatonic scale to play melodic, high impact solos in major keys!

  •  Learn the most powerful sounding major pentatonic bends, slides, double-stops and other 'moves' to quickly transform how you use this essential but often overlooked soloing tool 
  • Discover the easiest to use and best sounding major pentatonic 'box patterns' and sliding patterns to get you up and running and playing great major solos so much faster than most other players (including me!)
  • Complete solos in rock ballad, country rock and blues/rock styles how you how to structure everything you learn into a final product...
  • Creating and using 'hybrid scales' for that major pentatonic sweetness with a harder, bluesy 'edge' (think Gibbons, Slash, Schenker and other greats...)


Does your playing technique/accuracy/speed hold you up?

Discover how to get your playing faster, more accurate and more expressive with this course of technique focused lessons, exercises and 'play-a-long' workouts!

  •  Get the essentials down: learn to develop a killer vibrato, 'noise free' string bending and finger independence for greater speed and fluency
  • Learn the secrets of great alternate picking, legato and two handed tapping technique (complete with exercises which promise to get you great results!)
  • A powerful speed building practice technique which can increase your playing speed dramatically (as used by players like Vai, Morse and Petrucci!)
  • Play-a-long workouts for picking and legato. Develop all aspects of these essential techniques usin these deep-dive workouts and challenge yourself with the drill videos (can you keep up?)

Get ready to start soloing like never before with Improvisation Bootcamp...

Learn the exact same strategies used by the worlds greatest improvisers (made simple so you can start using them too!)

  • Every episode showing you 100% actionable tips and strategies for exploring and using essential elements of an awesome improvising style
  • Discover how to use powerul improvisation concepts like 'telling a story', the power of using repetition, how to create 'call and response' phrasing and more...
  • The power of rhythm and what to do to get your solos 'grooving like a pro' (seriously, this makes everything you play sound 10x better)
  • Plus 'octave-shift' technique, using major and minor pentatonics and 'copy-cat' ear-training videos (coming very soon!) 

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Finally: something that makes understanding the essentials of music theory easy! 

Jump into 'No Bull Music Theory For Guitarists' and bypass the years of confusion, frustration and lack of understanding that holds most players up (including me, that's why I made this course!)

  • Easily learn and understand the basics of music theory concepts like intervals, triads, chords, keys and other theory topics (confusion about these will really stunt your growth as a player and musician)
  • Everything explained in BS free, plain talking terms so you grasp it fast and end any confusion or misunderstanding
  • 'Bitesize', downloadable audio lessons and worksheets and quizzes for super easy use (even away from the guitar!)
  • More advanced 'No Bull Music Theory' courses coming in future to build on the knowledge this foundation course gives you

Ever tried combining chords and lead together into solo blues jams but found it almost impossible?

 Let this 3-part workshop ow you exactly how to do it (without tying yourselfup in knots!)

  •  The easiest way to learn to juggle playing chords and lead at the same time
  • Keeping the groove rock solid at all times even as you switch between chords and licks (this is the secret to getting good at this style of playing)
  • Using hybrid picking to play intro licks and turnarounds (learn how to get started with this cool technique)
  • Play-a-long practice videos to get you confidently putting everything together into your own own solo blues jamming performances!

'I'm kicking myself...

After being a TGL member for less than a week I can see that if I'd signed up two years ago then I'd be virtually where I always wanted to be by now...

If you aren't prepared to put the practice in then no learning path on earth will make you a better player.

But if you are, then I would think it would be IMPOSSIBLE NOT to improve dramatically by following the approach you've developed in TGL' 

John N, Canada (TGL member)

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  • Access coaching, advice, support and video reviews from me personally (for rapid progress & results)
  • See greater progress in a few months than you've previously seen in years (like so many TGL members already have)